Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On Hiatus

We've had a long lack of updates for several reasons. Mostly, I did not realize the time factor involved in writing reviews and the effort to be fair to everyone can be difficult when you've signed up to read a book (or books) that you aren't having that much fun reading. Kydona was just the start.

That said, not everything I've signed up for is bad! I still have a number of books on my e-reader that I'm working through, but other obligations are taking priority. I plan to review them eventually. Hopefully by the end of the year.

1. Iron Bonds by Billy Wong
2. Kingsblood by J.L. Ficks and J.E. Dugue
3. Shadows on the School Grounds by B.C. Roger
4. After The Darkness: Episode One by SunHi Mistwalker

I like the idea in Iron Bonds - the God-touched warrior woman who just wants peace, but some of the characters are frustrating to read about due to their unreasonable expectations.

Kingsblood appears to be continuing the entertainingly over-the-top action of the previous book.

Despite being a YA book, Shadows on the School Grounds is the hardest to read of them all. Bullying is not pleasant to read about.

And I actually finished the last one, so I'll review it soon.